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Lopez Finds Marked Success in First Step to Third Term

San Antonio, Texas (March 2, 2022) – On March 1st, 2022, the people of House District 125 demonstrated their trust in the leadership of State Representative Ray Lopez as they voted him to typify democratic principles in the coming November General Election for the third consecutive time, where he will face a Republican challenger. Over the last eight weeks, Team Lopez has worked diligently to listen, educate, and assist voters in House District 125 and beyond. With the help of family, friends, volunteers, neighbors, and staff, Team Lopez has been able to engage with tens of thousands of Texans with a promise to take their feedback to Austin and turn good ideas into meaningful legislation. The previous three years of Rep. Lopez’s efforts in the State Capitol assured constituents that he is an effective, assertive, and sensible legislator; coupled with his openmindedness, the rich dialogues that he shared with his neighbors will be the foundation for future positive change in Texas.

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Re-Election Announcement Press Release
November 19, 2021 |  Ray Lopez Campaign

In the face of major challenges over the last two years, including the Covid-19 pandemic and winter storm Uri, our determination drove us forward. Through successes in property tax relief, foster care reform, expanded access to healthcare, funding for public schools, and expansion to Veterans’ services, we found the silver lining amongst the chaos. It is my honor every day to represent the values, interests, and identity of House District 125. The work we have accomplished is a testament to our commitment and I look forward to continuing this momentum.

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